A Free Wedding Guide for Your Photography Itinerary

Congratulations on your engagement! As your wedding photographer, your experience on your wedding day is incredibly important to me. Below are some tips & suggestions I’ve personally learned (& my past clients) to help you plan a seamless, go with the flow itinerary & at the same time create the best possible images.

If you plan on doing something different, GO FOR IT. Dance to the beat of your own drum – as long as you’re having a good time – its a WIN for you and your photographer!



A Balance between Posed & Candid Moments

    • It’s best to arrange to have hair & makeup/photo-ready completed before your photographer arrives. This could apply to anyone who plans on being in photos with you (ie: bridesmaids, family, groomsmen, bride, groom, etc) In the past I’ve arrived right when makeup and hair are wrapping up. This gives me an opportunity to focus on those in-between candid moments and giving me a reasonable amount of time to get some formal portraits as well (IE: getting into dress/suit, robe shots, details, etc). 


    • I usually suggest 60-90 minutes of photo coverage for getting ready photos and a good balance of documentary-style photos. If you plan on having a large number of people around during prep – it’s nice to have more time for your photographer. This gives us an opportunity to truly be present and let those candid moments happen organically VS feeling rushed. 


  • I’m always so grateful when couples try to keep things tidy when we arrive. Keep the brightest, largest rooms (with most natural daylight) clutter-free & tidy. It leaves us room to move around with our equipment & makes for really love images. 

Getting Ready Cont...

Getting ready location?

If you have the luxury to have a second shooter - you can have two photographers start at two separate locations at the same time. This helps a lot if both locations are a considerable amount of travel involved between the two getting ready locations. Another option is getting ready in the same location or nearby the next location we need to be at.


If you have details, accessories, clothing that you would like us to photograph, having them ready for is in one place is always appreciated. Try to coordinate to have any floral details (bouquets, boutonnieres) with you as well so we can capture all those details during your getting ready portion of the day.

Be Proactive

For items that you need to bring with you throughout the day - designate someone to be in charge of all your bags, belongings, money to be packed in a bag and ready to go for you.

First Look (Optional)
Just the two of us...

* This usually takes 15-20 minutes. This should be a private time between you and your partner. Usually, I recommend this if you feel there is not enough time between ceremony & reception for formal portraits.

* Choose a photo location close to your destination. - weekend traffic can be unpredictable.

* Make sure you obtain photo permits for your photo location (if needed).

* This time can also bleed into wedding party portraits, family portraits, couple portraits if you prefer to get all formal portraits completed before your reception.


If you plan on getting all your formal portraits completed BEFORE your ceremony, I'd recommend at least 90-120 minutes.

Wedding Ceremony


Arrival of Ceremony

Please arrange either myself or my secondary shooter to arrive PRIOR to the arrival of the groom/bride at the ceremony venue. We’d love to capture those in-between moments for you & of your guests.


Rules of the Venue

Arriving early also means we get to speak with your officiant about any rules or regulations in regards to how we should be conducting ourselves during the ceremony. We try to be respectful of the venue and be mindful of how we move around the space to give your guests' a positive experience during the ceremony.


Family Portraits

Family portraits usually work best when its immediately after the ceremony (not necessary if not needed) but encourage that a GROUP SHOT LIST OF IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY is provided to us with individual names for each group. This will help us work with someone from your party to help us identify family members. We’re not held liable for missed shots due to the absence of members or groups that are not listed/communicated to us. This usually takes 30-45 minutes depending on the number of group shots/people.

Tips on how to announce an unplugged ceremony....

1. Ask your officiant, pastor, a friend make an announcement PRIOR to the ceremony requesting that all cellphones, cameras are put away during the ceremony.

2. Put up an "Unplugged Ceremony" sign near the entrance of your ceremony venue.


It's important that we’re seated either with guests or in the same room where everyone is dining. The advantage is that we'll be able to see all those candid moments, speeches, and document the evening without being disruptive. If you haven't spoken to your venue coordinator - MOST venues will supply a vendor table.

We kindly ask that a full course meal is also provided as stated in your contract. Empty bellies mean tired photographers. :(

Seating Arrangements & Vendor Meals

The best kind of reception lighting is neutral lights that don't cast colors on skin tones (ie: colored backlighting, laser club lights, etc). Warmly-lit candles, spotlights, and hanging twinkle lights work well for the best photos. We love a good intimately lit photo!

If you plan on having a head table - Make sure your florals, the decor is not in the way of your faces and plan your floorplan accordingly so that we can move around the reception easily. The more room we have to move around, the more discrete we can be to truly get those candid moments! It also makes for a more pleasant experience for your guests! :)

Reception Lighting & Decor

We love capturing the most fun part of the evening! After speeches, dances, and desert has been served, we usually stick around for 30-60 minutes to capture some fun candid shots of you enjoying yourselves and some dancing! If you need us to stay over your photo coverage, our hourly rate is $500/per hour.

The End of The Evening

Still have questions?

No problem! Send us an email and I'm happy to offer whatever guidance I can.

Ready to submit your itinerary?

Great! Please fill out our itinerary form at least one month before your wedding. Even if it's a rough draft - at least we'll have some time to smooth out any noticeable kinks with timing well before your wedding day. If you also happen to have a master itinerary on Excel with times for speeches, dances, etc - please send that to us at info@eyekahfoto.com