Facetime Portraits During Quarantine: A Time in History


Disclaimer: Partial Nudity in post.

I've been meaning to share an intimate project I did while Toronto remained in complete lockdown during the early stages of the pandemic.

As an artist - you can imagine how incredibly difficult it was to accept & adapt that I couldn't physically be with people to do my job. I can't take full credit for this idea. Many photographers used the same approach during the lockdown as means to stay connected to their audience. This was my take of this approach and it taught me so much about adapting and being in a place to RELEARN a new skill through the available technology.

In retrospect, I look back at this photos as an emotional archive of the restlessness, vulnerability, the need for connection when we all forced to stay away from each other. In this situation, I'm thankful that technology allowed me to capture and meet so many new people while I stayed home.

Also huge thank you to Breakfast Television for featuring me on air! To view my little 15 seconds of fame - scroll down to check out the clip. xo.