Formal Family Portraits
30 - 45 minutes

family group shot list

  • 10-15 groups are recommended. (Larger group shots may take longer to organize)
  • Family portraits will be the most formal part of your photography coverage. Our goal during this time is to take clean, timeless, portrait shots with your immediate family.
  • Family portraits look best in areas with shade (if outdoors) and with a clean backdrop and a wide enough space if you have a large family.
  • Please provide a shot list of your family groups with names to make sure we don’t miss anyone.
  • For Example:
    Group 1: Your Name, Partner’s Name with Mother and Father in Law
    Group 2: Your Name with Mother
    Group 3: Partner’s Name with Abby, Jane, Joe
*This is the only shot list we will be using for your wedding day. We don’t check off shot lists regarding the art direction of certain shots, or moments so that we can be fully present & capture your special day.


Helpful Tips

( and avoiding stress!)

- Create healthy boundaries with family members and make sure you communicate to them about the family shot list to avoid disappointment or conflict on the day of the wedding. (Speaking from experience, we've seen it all!)

- PLAN AHEAD - If you have a large group of people you would like to take photos with - make sure you provide a MUST-HAVE group shot list for your photographer a few weeks before the wedding day so we can flag any time constraints ahead of time.

- Make sure every person on your family group shot list knows where & what time to meet for family group shots.

- Please let us know if we need to be aware & sensitive to any personal matters (IE: divorce, a recent death, illness). We want to make sure this portion of the day is pleasant for you and your family members.