{ Grace & Ryan } Summertime Family Home Engagement


For Grace & Ryan's engagement shoot, I was invited an hour away from the city to visit Grace's mother's family owned B&B and lavender farm. Ozzy - their adopted little fluff ball of course third wheeled himself and I loved having him around.

It was such a beautiful day and had a ton of fun chasing golden hour with these two. <3

Meet Ozzy – the sweetest fluff ball ever. Love how content he looks sitting with his favourite humans.

To end the session, we cooled off in their mini pool in the backyard overlooking the lavender field. WHAT? Is this real life? Yea, definitely is. I’m so glad they were up for my crazy idea.

After the session ended, I bumped into Grace’s grandmother on my way out. Grace was so excited about the photos from the pool and we showed her sweet grandma some photos. I didn’t expect for her to break out into tears – and quickly took some snaps of this sweet candid moment. <3