{ Janelle & Jesse } A Story of Loss, Love & Healing


I've probably rewritten this post a thousand times. This was a hard one to write, so bear with me.

Jesse & Janelle's wedding story started in Thailand during the Sky Lantern Festival, on bended knee with a ring & a simple question. A few months later, Janelle & Jesse were expecting their first child.

Sadly, on March 26th, 2017 - eight months into pregnancy - Janelle & Jesse said goodbye to Jace Owen Catibog. Within days of hearing the news, my friends remained on my mind & my heart.

One evening, as I was taking a much needed meditative walk with my dog by the lake at Humber Bay Park - I imagined sharing that sort of experience with Janelle & Jesse.

I suggested that we have our engagement session at dusk and light some lanterns to send our love to Jace. I only briefly met Jace while he was in Janelle's tummy, and while his time was short - I know his spirit lives in the strength, positivity & love between his two parents.

It only feels right to share some words that Janelle wrote beautifully for her son. Janelle & Jesse - I love you both & hope this experience was a healing, joyous one. I look forward to capturing your special day of wedded bliss. x

“There are little words to describe today. For eight and a half months we anxiously counted down the days until we could meet you. We read and talked to you every night before bed while we watched you move and dance like Daddy in my tummy, we imagined what it was going to be like to hold you in our arms, or who you would look like more.

We ended up meeting you much sooner than expected and for a very short time, something we never could have prepared ourselves for. You came into the world sleeping and we got to hold you in our arms, kiss your cheeks, hold your hand. And although it was the hardest day of both of our lives it was also the most magical. What they say about love at first sight is true. You are equal parts both of us and perfect in every way.

We slept together all squished into one bed that night, you in-between both of us, and our little family we waited so long for was complete. You were surrounded by an abundance of love and family that will never waiver. We miss you every single day. You are in our thoughts in literally everything we do. You were here for a short time, and although we would give anything to have you here with us still, we are so unbelievably thankful for the time we had. We were blessed with you for a purpose, and we hope to grow and fulfill your destiny by bringing light and positivity into each day. You are seen and remembered in everything beautiful, a sunrise, a cool breeze, a dove, a butterfly… You are with us everywhere, forever and always.

To our son, our angel, our hip hop baby, our Guardian of the Galaxy. Mommy and Daddy love and miss you to the moon, the stars, the Galaxy and back.”

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