Wedding Ceremony

We love wedding ceremonies because they're emotional and really sentimental. We have the most creative freedom during this portion of the day and some of our favourite photos are from ceremonies (see below). Below are some things to consider, and some valuable lessons we learned after photographing hundreds of weddings.

Why You Should Consider
A Unplugged Ceremony

  • Having an unplugged wedding has so many benefits. This means your parents or guests won’t have a cell phone in front of their faces and they’ll be fully present. We love capturing happy smiles and tears.
  • You get to see your family & friends’ faces which just adds to all the emotions during your ceremony.
  • Fewer cellphones, iPads, and Uncle John’s with huge pro cameras are in your ceremony photos. We understand they’re excited and want to capture all the memories. Don’t forget that you’ll be able to send ALL the ceremony photos to your guests.
  • If you choose to not have an unplugged wedding ceremony – we understand. We want you to ultimately do what’s best for you. We just encourage you to have a conversation with whoever is officiating your ceremony to kindly ask guests to stay in their seats during the ceremony and not block your videographers & photographers. 

Make Your Ceremony Memorable

  • Consider throwing flower petals or biodegradable confetti at the end of your ceremony or while exiting your venue.
  • Walking at a moderate pace (not too slow) during your processional and recessional and look at your guests (smile & wave!). This small gesture of presence and appreciation looks great on camera and will get your guests to be present.
  • Stand close to each other during your vows and don’t be afraid to express how you feel about each other through body language. Take a breath. Touch hands. Smile. Cry.
  • Look at your guests. Soak it all in.

The Kiss

We've photographed a TON of kissing and one of the most important kisses is when you're officially announced legally married! If you're hoping for an epic "kiss" photo, here are our two cents:

1. Kiss for at least 2-3 seconds! Sometimes we've experienced excited guests taking photos in front of us, or some couples kissing for a nano-second and we completely miss the mark.

2. After your ceremony has concluded and you're walking out to exit - kiss ONE more time in the middle or end of the aisle. Not only will you have a variety of shots at the end of your ceremony (the most emotional moment IMO) but you'll get to have an image of your guests BEHIND you cheering you on.


Our Approach

We'd love to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the ceremony starts. This will give us time to set ourselves up (equipment if needed) and capture some candids.

We'll also make sure to acquaint ourselves with any rules and restrictions of the venue (usually for religious ceremonies) to make sure we're respectful and not disruptive. As mentioned in your contract - we cannot be held liable for missed imagery due to any rules, or limitations within the space.


Flash Photography

We prefer NOT to use flash photography unless we absolutely have to if there is not enough light. All flash photography will be done ON camera and no large stands, or distracting LED lights will be used.


Working with Videographers & Working Etiquette

We do not provide videography and we're happy to work together with your videographer if you've hired someone. We kindly ask that videographers are respectful and allow us to do our job the best we can as well. If we miss a moment because another member of a third-party media team was in the way - we are not held liable for this missed shot.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment and inappropriate behaviour that compromises the well-being & safety of Eyekahfoto's photographers or staff.

As stated in your contract - we are the exclusive photography service provider of your event. If any family or friends bring a professional camera - respectfully, we ask that they allow us to do our jobs without interference.