Wedding Details

Do I Need Wedding Detail Photos?

Wedding details. They’re great to have if you are investing a lot of time, energy, and money to it. Our approach to wedding details is short & sweet when taking photos.
  • Realistically, we only like to spend 10-15 minutes on details (lay flats, accessories, decor, etc) since we prefer to focus on moments. Please have wedding accessories, sentimental items, (shoes, earrings, dress, etc) and printed material (invitations, vows) all organized and ready for us to photograph.
    *If you have a wedding planner, you can ask them to organize this for you.
  • If you invested a lot of time into your decor for your ceremony & reception – it’s best for us to arrive 10-15 minutes early before guests begin to enter the space to take photos. 
  • If you plan on submitting your wedding to a magazine or online wedding blog – we definitely would encourage making time in your itinerary for us to take as many detail shots as possible.
*Detail photos are just a bonus. They’re not necessary but they certainly will add to the nostalgia, and feel of your wedding photos when looking back a few years down the road.