Photography Guide

Wedding Couple Standing in a sliver of light in front of architectural building in Toronto

Wedding Portraits

We understand that sometimes wedding itineraries are complicated and taking portraits during the golden hour isn't always possible or there might be some time constraints to consider. Our photojournalistic approach allows us to be flexible and creative. You can trust your photographer to direct for the best possible images while still allowing moments to naturally unfold.

We encourage you to review & carefully read all the information below to help you plan for a positive, stress-free experience when it comes to your wedding photography. All of our suggestions are optional.


First Look or Couple Portraits : 15 - 30 minutes
- First looks are recommended if you're ceremony is later in the day and won't have much time after your ceremony for formal portraits.

- Smaller wedding parties (between 2-10 people total) usually take 30 minutes. Larger groups may require more time.

REMINDER: Enjoy Your Day

After shooting hundreds of weddings, we understand that organizing timelines and different groups of people can be overwhelming.

Our guide is to help you plan for a nice & slow pace for your day. We can't plan for moments or capture beautiful moments when we're rushed, anxious and stressed. Set yourself up for success by giving yourself space to take in the day.


- MAKE TIME for you and your partner to ENJOY a moment alone. To eat, to sit down, to take portraits with just your photographer without distractions. We promise you - those will be your favourite photos.

Wedding Party Portraits

30 - 45 Minutes

A wedding party size that has less than 10 people will usually take under 30 minutes. We have the same approach for family portraits - clean, classic & fun! If you have a larger wedding party you can consider booking a secondary photographer to support your lead photographer, or extend your hours if needed.



If you are hoping to capture portraits during golden hour - depending on the time of year of your wedding - we can potentially sneak away during reception for 10-15 minutes to take advantage of the light. Please note that weather can be unpredictable and golden hour is not always guaranteed. We advise you to always make sure you make time in your itinerary for formal portrait if needed.

Golden hour occurs just before, and during sunset. If the weather conditions & the location is just right - you can expect gorgeous golden pink, orange and indigo hues during this time. We'll be keeping on eye on the weather throughout the day to make the best last minute decision if golden hour portraits are possible.