All recommended wedding vendors are inclusive, diverse & safe spaces.

Please make sure all wedding vendors sign our photo usage contract before sharing your gallery with them. No fee will be charged to them, we just want to protect your personal images and our professional work from being exploited.

Wedding Vendors: Please Sign

Booking Wedding Vendors
Things You Should Know

Wedding Planner: If you're organizing a large wedding, we 10000% recommend you book a wedding planner. Wedding planners have a ton of inside insight into how to make sure events run smoothly and are great to have in your corner to micro-manage your vendors, decor details, organize accommodations for guests, etc.

Makeup Artists & Hair: Make sure when you book your makeup artist and hair stylist - your makeup is complete at least 2-3 hours BEFORE your ceremony. Professional makeup artists and hair stylists are trained to make sure your look lasts for the entire day so there's no need to worry about losing the "freshness" of your look. The 2-3 hours before your ceremony should be when your photographer arrives to capture all the good vibes and excitement.

Videography: We have a candid photography approach and prefer to work with natural light. We work best with videographers who work similarly. If both teams have creative differences, it can also be stressful for you because you may be pulled into different directions throughout the day. We prefer our clients to be authentically themselves and we tend to thrive creatively when videographers are on the same page.

Wedding Venue: Lune 1860
Wedding Planner: Mega X Events
Florals: Thyme Studio