& thank you for choosing me as your photographer!

Thank you so much for having & trusting me as your wedding photographer!

Before you continue on reading, I encourage you to bookmark this page in your favourites as this will be your go to page for common questions regarding your engagement session, your itinerary, and any other resources that have been useful to past clients to help them navigate their wedding photography.

If there's a question I haven't answered here, please feel free to shoot me a personal email at





When should we schedule our engagement shoot?

Due to the nature of weddings running on weekends, I only schedule engagement shoots during the weekdays. Between late spring and late fall are usually my most busiest months for engagement sessions that are outdoors. If you plan on scheduling your session outdoors, I'd recommend you reach out to me at least 2 months in advance to lock in your time slot and location.

If you plan on being outdoors, the best lighting is usually during sunrise, or during sunset (golden hour) and after sunset (blue hour). This gives me the best creative light to create with.

For indoor sessions, I can shoot anytime since lighting is more predictable and controllable in an indoor space. If you'd like to shoot at a studio, I'd recommend using to book a studio.


How do I firmly book my engagement shoot?

Engagement sessions are ONLY firmly booked until I have a time to start and address of your selected location. I'll need this information so I can plan my day accordingly in case I have several other shoots that day.

If your location requires a photo permit, it is your responsibility to obtain one before your session. Please keep in mind that I may have photoshoots after your session - Your shoot immediately begins as soon as I arrive and start shooting & ends for the scheduled time.

Please arrive hair/makeup/wardrobe ready as soon you arrive.

Click the link below to book your indoor or outdoor engagement session.


What are the best locations to shoot at?

Here are some my favourite & most popular outdoor locations I've shot at:

Scarborough Bluffs, Harbour Front, Spencer Smith Park, High Park, Bellwoods Trinity Park, Distillery District (permit required), The Esplanade (near the Novotel Hotel), St Lawrence Market, St James Park, Humber Bay Park, Tiffany Falls, Albion Falls, Knox College, Philosophers Walk (near the ROM), Aga Khan Museum , Cherry Beach, and Toronto City Hall.

For indoor locations, you can consider your own home or:

OBJX, Mintroom Studios, Preto Loft, Studio Bon Soleil, Sol Atelier Studio (Toronto), The Pastel Studio, The East Room or go to to book other studios. You are responsible for all studio costs & terms associated with bookings.

Locations must be within a 15km radius from Toronto. Any other locations more than an hour from Toronto may incur travel service fees.


We're a little nervous about our photo session, any tips?

This is usually the common response with many of my couples and I totally understand why you would be a little nervous. As a candid-driven photographer - the best advice (as cliche as it may sound) is to throw all expectations out the door, have an open mind and BE yourself.

As your photographer, its MY job to create a comfortable environment where you feel you can be yourself. I'll use some prompts to cue natural reactions, ask questions and crack jokes during your session to make you feel at ease. The only thing you need to do is trust your photographer, be yourself & most importantly HAVE FUN. Also don't be afraid to lean and support each other during your session - the best part is you get to do this with your best friend.


What should we wear?

Personally, I prefer not to style my couples. Style yourself in a way that makes you FEEL good about yourself. If you're still completely lost, a great resource has been Pinterest (follow me to see some past sessions and outfit inspo) where you can create your own vision boards and find photo references to help you get inspired. Feel free to share your inspiration board with me!


Can I bring my pet(s)?

Absolutely! Bring your dog, cat, iguana, or parrot! If you do happen to have an anxious pet that may need some emotional support in new places, around new people - I'd strongly suggest bringing one other person to keep your pet company when it comes to some photographs that doesn't require them. For example, if you happen to have a really anxious dog, and we're photographing in a crowded area - bring a friend that your dog knows and trusts so they can hang on to them. The less anxious you are about your pet barking and possibly hurting themselves, we'll all be able to enjoy your session and make the most of the session.


How long does it take to complete editing the images?

Currently, editing takes about 2-3 weeks from your engagement session. If you happen to need your images to print save the date cards, or decor for your wedding - make sure you book your shoot well ahead of time so you have time to use the images for any time sensitive projects.

Your Wedding Photography Checklist

To keep you organized and make sure your photographer has all the information they need - make sure to provide the following details to your photography well before your wedding day.

✓ Submit & send wedding photography itinerary to photographer.

✓ Optional: Have an immediate family group shot list so your photographer doesn't miss any important portraits.

✓ Health waiver have been sent to all guests in attendance & signed.

✓ Make sure you have obtained photo permits for any photo locations for your day.

✓ Schedule a call (if needed) with photographer with any last minute questions or concerns.